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Selecting The Best Web Hosting Plan

If you are a business owner you want to choose cheap or free hosting to save your money. But you have to understand the proper difference between Free hosting and Paid hosting. Free hosting is nothing but a marketing policy. Many hosting providers offer subdomain ( So if you choose free hosting and you face some problem with your hosting provider you can’t transfer your website, because of your subdomain. In that case, you might have to lose your website.

So, it would be better that you choose paid hosting. Due to the intense competition, paid hosting plans are not too costly. If you search on the internet then you can get a reliable, secure hosting in your budget and also you get complete control of your site.

About Web host :
A web hosting space is a location where you can put up your website for the world to visit. Web hosting providers(like Yohost) make the space available on their servers. Web servers are nothing but computers with large resources which are connected to the internet so that they can communicate with other such web servers and thus visitors around the world can find your website.

About Bandwidth :
Bandwidth is also known as “data transfer” or “traffic”. Many times these terms are connected with a gigabyte or GB value then that feature is basically bandwidth.

It gives an impression like a very difficult technical term, but it is only the number of gigabytes of data that your website is permitted to move from the web hosting server to your users in one month. A gigabyte is roughly a billion bytes of data.

You have to get enough bandwidth to assure that all your clients can access your website without exceeding your monthly data transfer upper limit.

About Disk Space :
Disk Space is called web space. It is the total number of megabytes or gigabytes a web hosting provider provides you to support the HTML and image files that will be displayed on your website when your web pages are viewed.

How much space do you need?
As per our previous discussion, if your website consists of 100 pages with just a few medium-sized graphics per page, then 30 megabytes of disk space would be suitable for you. But if users want to add some other features like forums automation, photo hosting, data gathering, or blogging then they need some more disk space.

How much does web hosting cost?
At Yohost, shared hosting plans approximately start from as little as R16.00 per month(500MB disk space, 1 email ). This is for typical small business owners.

Reseller hosting plans approximately start from R200 per month. If you want to make money with hosting your own clients then it would be suitable for you.

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